• Globalizing Entertainment

    • Building global brands for sports franchises
    • Expansion strategies for global entertainment cos. into Indian market
    • Integrated digital and live entertainment strategies

As the popularity and wealth associated with sports soars globally, so does the opportunity for globalization of sports and sporting brands. This is the niche space where Ingene plays.
Our passion for sports is only matched by our strengths in business strategy and our global outlook. We are working with successful sports franchises on their global brand strategy and implementation. We are also exploring new frontiers through our work with sports leagues in exploiting synergies across sports to expand them globally.

Integrated Entertainment

Media and entertainment companies are fatigued by competing in the red ocean of the mature US market. Ingene specializes in blue ocean strategies for expanding into emerging markets like India and China which are seeing a meteoric rise in media & entertainment spend, significant growth potential and a favorable (young) demographic capital. Our strategies enable mutual value propositions for growth in these emerging markets, capture the evolving tastes of the millennial generation and tap synergies across multiple entertainment segments.