• Integrated entertainment for the millenial generation

    Our entertainment strategies focus on all things future:
    • young population; emerging markets
    • cutting edge digital solutions
    • innovative business models tapping synergies between movies, music, games and live entertainment

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  • Live entertainment – young at heart

The evolution of the digital value chain and the emergence of social media portals has resulted in a tectonic shift in the media and entertainment industry. The traditional media and entertainment companies are having to cut costs to stay profitable, find/ grow new revenue streams and at the same time invest in innovation and transformation


Ingene specializes in an end-end business strategy to enable companies to cut operating costs, enable digital media transformation and build revenue streams in new emerging markets as well as integrated business models across segments – music, movies, games, sports and other live entertainment.

Our focus:

  • Entertainment business strategies for growth in emerging markets
  • Online and digital media solutions
  • New business models and strategies cross-entertainment segments and channels – movie, music, games and live entertainment
Our value:
  • Deep domain and business transformation experience in entertainment industry – music and movies
  • Leading-edge internet and digital technology architecture experience with marquee internet/technology companies
  • Thought leadership in emerging markets and global sourcing strategies for entertainment