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    Creating the global branding and business expansion strategy for a leading Indian sports franchise
  • We take care of business & let sportsmen do their thing!!

    Leave the business to us; so the athletes can do what they do best!!

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Sports is our passion. Business strategy is what we do best. Naturally, the intersection of the two is our dream project


Macro-business trends in global sports: The following macro-trends are catapulting the sports industry globally into a new era:

  • increasing globalization of sports
  • explosive growth in market cap of popular leagues and brand value of players and franchises
  • synergies between sports and other (live and produced) entertainment
  • revolutionizing of broadcasting and media agreements in sports and
  • the growing significance of the emerging market population in Asia and Latin America
Current initiatives: Ingene is currently involved in specific initiatives with leading sports franchises, leagues and private corporate entities in
  • Global branding and business expansion strategies for leading sports franchises in India – including integrated media and entertainment strategy comprising broadcasting, online media and other live entertainment
  • Setting up developmental leagues, talent identification and establishing coaching clinics for global sports in the US – business strategy, partnerships, logistical support and technology infrastructure